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Just Another Natural Nut

Just Another Natural Nut creates natural solutions for sustainable living through educational workshops, sustainable services and handcrafted products. The mission is to always put clients and community before profit.....the promise to always be transparent and constantly aware of my eco footprint.......the vision is to inspire a conscious revolution within our global community.

Healing Matter

 As founders, we have strongly believed in helping ourselves without relying too much on conventional pharmaceuticals and have applied this principle most of our lives. Now, looking to Mother Nature and finding inspiration from her treasure trove of powerful healing and therapeutic botanicals, we want to share with you our personal care products that help you be good to yourself.


EleSense is an aromatherapy jewelry business.We hand make all the clay pieces on our jewelry which a drop of essential oil can be placed on. All of our clay work is done at the Potters Guild. We design very unique jewelry pieces with elements and stones I bring back from Egypt and we hold Mala making workshops. We donate some of the money from these pieces to the Temple of Hatshepsut in Luxor Egypt at which I work at a few months a year.


Klas squared designs contemporary jewelry that combines femininity and power into wearable pieces for work, day and play. Each handcrafted piece is brought to life from a palette of Swarovski crystals and pearls, sterling silver and semiprecious stones. A decade of designing for our clients has inspired us to continue to create pieces that emulate confidence and to encourage you to wear your power.