London Health and Spirituality Expo started 2018 off with a BANG!!!

Whew! What a day! WE Are Light!

Tammy Price, Medical Intuitive of Shifting into High Gear.

Tammy Price, Medical Intuitive of Shifting into High Gear.

I am so proud to announce.... London Health and Spirituality Expo was an OVERWHELMING success! 

We welcomed business partners, speakers, volunteers and hundreds and hundreds of excited attendees from all over Southwestern Ontario!  The day featured an Indigenous opening and closing blessing by Brian Hill and Lisa Hill, and Pathways to Peace Ceremony by Indigenous Grandmother Renee Thomas-Hill and Spiritual Elder Gail Whitlow as well as 18 interactive and informative workshops and an upwards of 60 businesses shared holistic and spiritual health products and services. There truly was something for everyone.

Jenna Smith WAS IN THA' HOUSE! I think perhaps the person who garnered the most attention... our amazing event keynote Jenna Smith of our keynote speaker FILLED and engaged a room of over 110 eager spectators! Accompanied by musician, Scott Chow of Goderich, Jenna performed "Hallelujah" as attendees entered the room and "I am Light" as attendees departed.

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Jenna Smith co-hosting with The Social Beehive... YOU ARE THE MANUAL at THE SOCIAL BEEHIVE HQ on Sat. Jan. 27th!  Get your ticket TODAY <<< HERE!!

What a Vibe!  Pure gratitude, connection and excitement! TOTALLY Amazing!


  • I'd like to thank all the wonderful people that helped make the day a resounding success!  It truly takes a team! To our AMAZING Volunteer, Business Partners, and Speakers, I am overflowing with gratitude. Thank you for sharing your time, products and services. It truly takes a village!  
  • I would like to thank Margaret Hoff and Henk Ketelaars for founding (the original) London Seekers and for trusting me to continue their legacy with the NEW Spiritual Seekers. Thank you for allowing spirit to guide you to me and The Social Beehive. You have changed my life.
  • To our keynote speaker, Jenna Smith, you my friend are living your best life -with heart and spirit.
  • To my beautiful family, my husband Dennis and sons Ethan and Evan, without your support and love, none of this would be worth it.

Door Prizes!
Congratulations to the three winners of the door prize baskets!  
1. Janet L.
2. Gisele F. 
3. Susan F.

Thank you to those business partners who donated to these baskets:
Just Another Natural Nut, April Anderson
Karissa Chow
Psychic Cruise - Real Meaningful Travels, Wendy Scott & Travel Only, Kristie Dewaele
Chocolate Covered Coaching, Anne Wheatley
Creative Laser Engraving by Tammy, Tammy Gould
Lead with Love, Monika Szpigiel
Wanda Davis
Inner Connection, Doris Summers
Thrive by Le-Vel, Michelle Peters and Michele Huard
Radiant Reiki & Aromatherapy, Tammy Cadue
Usana, Lyndsay Terzis
Arbonne, Silvia Gamboso & Monika Szpigiel

What's Next? This was our first Spirituality and Health Expo... I was asked what's next?  My response...  a break. Our next event... Jan. 27th - You are the Manual with Jenna Smith. We plan to resume Spiritual Seekers -Thursday night speakers- and other events in February. Stay tuned to your inbox and our website for updates. 

Thank you all for your support, encouragement and enthusiasm!  I look forward to serving you in 2018 and beyond! 

Love and light to all,