We are a collective of kind, caring and compassionate people and businesses with one thing in common... we want to live a life of purpose and intention.  A life that has us mindfully questioning the norm. Creating the best version of ourselves - not according to what we're told to do, but that which makes us feel good.  That which feels right.


We Wholeheartedly Believe...

We believe that we weren't meant to merely exist.  To frantically navigate through life.

To race here and race there. To be chronically weary, exhausted, over-stressed, over-weight, unhealthy and isolated.

Participating in activities with people and situations that leave us depleted. To be surrounded by people but still feeling alone.


We believe that we are here to grow and evolve into a better person each day.

Our lives should include joy, laughter, meaningful connection, a supportive community and celebration.  

We aren't here to compete, but to run our own race.

Our lives should include people, situations and activities that align with our values.

Technology is great but it is not a replacement for good old fashioned face to face connection.

We all have innate gifts that are meant to be shared with to improve the world.

Humans are meant to be surrounded by community. Face-to-face, to work together, accept, to learn from and love one another.

These beliefs frame
every single thing we do here.