Why The Social Beehive?

Founder and Bee-E-O, Heather Cabral and her family.

BECOMING A MOM WAS NOT AS EXPECTED. After the birth of twin boys in 2006, both with life-threatening health issues, left founder, Heather Cabral's life changed. The time spent nursing the babies to stable health was a harrowing and profoundly lonely time as she and her husband experienced a deficit of support from family and friends. This time caused reflection upon many things, like heightened gratitude and the precious nature of time, but also about where the community of decades past had disappeared to?

CORPORATE LIFE WAS EYE OPENING. Upon her return to corporate life, Cabral was reintroduced to an environment characterized by ruthless competition, superficial interpersonal relationships, and fellow employees who were, quite frankly, miserable. All around were people merely "going through the motions" each and every day. They longed for Friday. They longed for retirement. She knew there had to be more to life than this. She also knew that she couldn't endure that kind of career reality for another 25 years.

THE SEED WAS PLANTED. In 2010, she began to brainstorm ways that she could inspire positivity, cultivate fellowship, and make it easy for people to give back. She desired to reunite families by creating quality family experiences. To offer ongoing events that weren't just fun, but made inclusiveness and giving back commonplace. To assist local businesses and entrepreneurs who desire to build a business as a force for good but just don't know where to start or how to implement.

Welcome to The Social Beehive! We are a collective of kind, caring and compassionate people and businesses with one thing in common... we want to live a life of purpose and intention.  A life that has us mindfully questioning the norm. Creating the best version of ourselves - not according to what we're told to do, but that which makes us feel good.  That which feels right.