Hi, Heather Cabral, founder of The Social Beehive here. You may be wondering what The Social Beehive is all about? It’s been in existence for many years and quite honestly, I’m trying to figure it out too. I started thinking about community, consciousness and creativity many years ago and spent a lot of time writing, dreaming, processing and listening to the world around me.

For many years, both in the corporate world and on the school yard, I noticed… we’re in an epidemic of loneliness and mental health concerns. We’re feeling more isolated, insecure, angry, and are suffering in a world of comparison, addictions, we're over medicated… and many just want to escape our life.

But why? It’s like we’re never good enough, educated enough, skinny enough, pretty enough, smart enough, we never have enough. Why is it never enough?

And for those awakening… many of us, are in constant “healing mode”, ascending, downloading, transitioning, counting down the days til the end of the next retrograde, or for the next eclipse or moon to get out of Uranus!

As an entrepreneur or consumer, we have more choice than ever. Google has made it easy to find any old products or services, but it takes some conscious intention to find heart-centred entrepreneurs who provide products and services from a place of kindness and consciousness.

The Social Beehive was established for those who value kindness, honesty, generosity, compassion, and conscious awareness. It was my goal to create the space for like-minded people to connect through both Social Beehive and co-hosted events.

To see people thriving, empowered, connected, fulfilled and happy has been my focus since since 2007 when I started “downloading” business concepts… all in divine order. It wasn’t until 2015 when I actually had the courage to leave my corporate job and started hosting public events to help people live better, be better and feel better about their lives.

Since Nov. 2015, I can say that I definitely have some accomplishments. In my list of achievements, I have…

  • Listened to the divine downloads as I’ve hosted almost 100 unique and meaningful community events. Even when they haven’t been hosted before.

  • Connected hundreds of kind, socially conscious businesses with curious community members who are interested in more than mere existence.

  • Posted hundreds of videos, social media messages, and thought-provoking content.

  • Built a following and mail list which includes thousands of people who have some sort of interest in what I’m doing.

  • Marketed and coached entrepreneurs, inspiring them to see their brilliance, shift their focus, and brand more thoughtfully as they focus on relationship marketing.

  • Helped many local businesses raise their consciousness, connect with others and grow their business.

  • Obtained a headquarters for community events and practitioners to showcase their knowledge, products and services.

  • Accepted my Indigenous heritage and created opportunities for dialogue between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

  • Coached, supported, spiritually advised and empowered folks to change their ways, their minds and their lives.

  • Pushed, loved, and believed in clients as they courageously accomplished more than they thought possible.

  • Created a safe, non-judgemental space where we inspire community to remember what they already know. 1. We’re not alone. 2. We can have whatever we want, we just have to choose. 3. Our essence is love.

  • Spoken my truth with love.

  • Have had successes and many failures.

  • And grown exponentially.

It’s been three plus years doing good things with some not so good feelings.

I have felt like I’m pushing a boulder up a hill. A constant fight. Convincing, struggling, and wishing. I have not been living to my true potential. I have not felt happy and fulfilled.

My realization… everything I’ve been doing has been for the happiness of others. I’m an optimist who sees possibility and potential in everyone I meet. I trust easy. I am a Taurus, born in May. I am loyal, generous, patient, persistent and dependable. These characteristics and my connection to the divine.. make it very easy for me to do the things I have been doing.

‘Everything I’ve been doing has been for the happiness of others.’

After the latest community event, I realized that things are shifting. As a society, we’re being called to do things differently. As I was asking God for clarification, I heard “surrender your worries, your questions, your inquiries”. It’s a message I’ve heard before. Shaking my head in annoyance, I then asked a second question… “well how do I do that?” I heard “find joy and the rest will follow”.

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