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Welcome to the Socially Conscious Business Community

At The Social Beehive™, we want to earn a decent living as well as benefit society, not just shareholders.  Our definition of a successful company not only focusses on the financial progress of the company; it also places equal stock in the natural betterment of the world as well as employing social advantages to employees and members of the community.  We want to model a better way to do business!

The truth is, through all we do at The Social Beehive, we are making it easy for you to get in front of your ideal customers… conscious customers who care about where they spend their hard-earned money.  Conscious customers who use their intuition and awareness when making buying decisions.  

Shift from support local to support conscious. We believe that local isn’t always better!  In the very recent past, there has been a heavy focus on “support local”.  Local because of the impact on the planet.  Totally agree with this concept as it pertains to our dear Mother Earth, however, we would like to challenge that “buy local” with a “buy conscious”. 

  • We’re supporting a movement where we promote and inspire better business, better relationships, and a better earth.
  •  We’re making it easy for conscious consumers to support you heart centred entrepreneurs who care about more than just the bottom line. Businesses where you measure your impact on people, planet and profits in your measure of success.
  • We’re creating an engaged community where we roll up our sleeves and make an impact in the world.

Marketing, Events, Promotions and More!

We will be populating this page with our exciting offers for our Business members, so stay tuned!

A Summary of Member Perks…

  • Listing in Online Directory
  • Newsletter Contribution
  • Speaking Opportunities
  • Space to Host Your Events and Client Meetings.* --Available to members only.
  • Advertising, Promotion & Event Sponsorship*
  • Product & Admission Discounts
  • Promote Your Events on our Community Calendar
  • Membership includes one event per month.
  • Events hosted at The Social Beehive may be added without additional fees. 
  • Additional (offsite) events may be added for $25.
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Leadership Opportunities

*Additional fee may apply


Membership Requirements

Membership application must include two-member references.

Members are required to volunteer their time, talents or resources for a minimum of 12 hours per year at The Social Beehive™ headquarters or function.  See the Lend a Hand link on our website for opportunities and examples.