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You want to be a part of and connect with conscious entrepreneurs and community.

You want to save time and money on marketing through meaningful connections with your ideal clients.

You want to grow a sustainable business while being part of a high-vibe, soulful, cutting edge festival unlike any other.


So how can I be involved in London's Most interactive festival of the summer?  

Business Partner (vendor) 
Incl. 10x10 space. Bring your own tent & equipment.
$175   (until 5/25) after $210

Speaker Partner
Incl. 25min space on the stage, listing in program and social media mentions.
$145   Limited spaces available.  **Speaker applications close June 1** 

Business & Speaker Partner Combo
Incl. 10x10 space and 25min speaking space on the stage.
$255    (until 5/25) after $305

Community Partner
Incl. 10x10 space. Bring your own tent & equipment.
$95 under 60k per annum.  $145 over $60k per annum. 

Food Partner
Incl. 12x12 space. Bring your own tent & equipment.
$195 (until 5/25) after $225

Kidpreneur Vendor Alley 

Energy Exchange 
Ask us how you can give your time, talent or resources in exchange for a space


We're currently accepting applications for all spots. 

Frequently Asked Questions. 

The top 5 reasons to invest in Inspiration Fest.

  1. Find your tribe. Inspiration Fest is about community connections before, during and after the event. We will have other opportunities for you to connect with and share your business with other conscious entrepreneurs in authentic and meaningful ways.

  2. It's gonna be big! In our second year, we attracted over 70 organizations to the event and over 1300 people engaged on Facebook.  Check out our Facebook event here!  This year will be bigger!

  3. Time and money well spent. Your time and marketing dollars are precious. Effective marketing begins with connecting with your ideal clients. If you want to work with clients who are consciously navigating their life with choice... you'll find them here.

  4. It's not just about the one-day festival. We want you to grow your business. In the coming weeks, we will share tools, resources and opportunities with you so that you can be successful.

  5. This is London's most interactive festival of the summer!  The space, the vibe and the people are unlike any other show! We feature something for everyone... spirituality, holistic and alternative health, wellness, homecraft, cultural, kidpreneurs, speakers, demonstrations and more!

It's not just about a one-day festival.... 

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Partners not Vendors

At any of The Social Beehive hosted events, we don't have vendors. As conscious entrepreneurs, we are all one.  As a partner, the success of the event depends on efforts from us all.

Sharing the event, inviting your friends and doing your part contributes to a successful event.  When one of wins, we all win!

Socially Conscious Business

At The Social Beehive, we're proud to promote business as a force for good. We want to help you be a better business for the world and want to make it easy for our community to find and support you.  

Not About the One-Time Sale

  • We are providing you with more than one way to market. Stay tuned for community gatherings, speaking opportunities and more!
  • It's not just about the money for us. We want you to be successful and are providing tools, resources and assistance to help you make the most of your day.
  • An amazing experience for attendees means more connection for you.



We are contributing to a movement. 

"Business as a force for good." 

We are proud to partner with and promote businesses who believe in a triple bottom line. A bottom line where their focus is not just on profit but also people and the earth.

Heather Cabral, Founder of The Social Beehive and co-creator of Inspiration Fest.

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