Did you know that the world's most happiest and successful people practice conscious living? 

Why?  Because we make choices with full awareness of the impact on our well-being and the world around us.

Conscious living is about making conscious decisions despite the conventional wisdom that’s been shared with you. 

It’s about freedom, acceptance, choice, appreciation, clarity, and deep connection with every person and thing with which you interact. 

Conscious living is experiencing with every sense and having the courage to love every single minute without feelings of guilt, remorse or otherwise.  It’s about living and speaking your truth, turning down opportunities that don’t align and choosing what will make you happy.

Conscious living is about knowing what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. 

It's about taking responsibility.  It's about making observations, decisions and perspective from a place of what aligns with your values, your desires, your intuition, and your faith and it's about navigating these with self-compassion, self-awareness,  personal responsibility, and a awareness of what you want! 

Are you ready to stop making a living and design your life?

No more excuses. No more pointing fingers or blaming. No more settling, wishing things were different or complaining.

You can live happy, successful, meaningful, healthy, connected, loved, abundant, amazing, whatever you want!  

You just have to choose it!   

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Welcome to The Social Beehive!

At The Social Beehive, we host events, a community space and a supportive community of people and socially conscious businesses who are consciously choosing do build a life and/or business that is better for the world.

But where to start?  How about this?  Start where ever you like!

Join us at a community event, be inspired by knowledgeable practitioners, or support a socially conscious business in our community.

More information being released daily! 

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Heather Cabral, Founder and Creative Visionary of The Social Beehive

Heather Cabral, Founder and Creative Visionary of The Social Beehive

“I have a dream of a more conscious and deeply connected society. A society where we make conscious decisions with full awareness of the impact on our own well-being and the world around us.

A society where we all have a part in raising collective consciousness. Where we inspire and support one another as we mindfully choose love, growth, authenticity and accountability.”

~Heather Cabral, Founder & Creative Visionary, The Social Beehive™

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