Become A Partner!


We're now accepting applications for...   

Mediums, Healers, Practitioners, Spiritual, Authors, Speakers, Presenters and virtually any Business, Spa, Clinic, Retreat, Products, Healing Modality, or anything that helps people live a better life.

Partners not Vendors.  We are seeking Partners, not Vendors, for our events. For our Partners, it isn't just about the bottom line.  We do what we do and band together because we don't believe in the status quo or doing things for the sake of doing them.  Life is about living with intention, working together - and through our businesses, making the world a better place. 

Because we have partners at our events, rather than vendors, it is our mission to help you make the most of it.

Which means we have to work together to:

  • Opportunities for face-to-face community gatherings before and after the event
  • Connect you with your ideal client and other members of our community
  • Create repeat business and raving fans
  • Set you up for long-term success

That's right...

The Social Beehive is not just facilitating business transactions.

We are here to improve relationships, 

increase health,

inspire joy,

and impact community.

By ensuring you (our Partners) are successful, we are ensuring members of our community can access the most amazing practitioners.... for the long haul!

That's why our partners receive fabulous perks that SET YOU UP TO WIN!

TGIM!!  Mondays NEVER looked better! (value $300) 

Beginning Nov. 6th and every Monday, we host a FREE F2F MEETUP at our headquarters from 9am-11am where you can:

  • Build relationships, not exchange business cards.
  • Ask questions, brainstorm ideas for offers and get feedback.
  • Connect with other partners and members of the community who believe in the power of relationships - with the right people.

No sign up is necessary, drop in anytime from 9am-11am on Mondays. Bring your work and stay afterwards to co-work with us too!  Get work done and get connected.

Free Weekly Zoom Calls.  (value $997)

Hop onto our group calls every week and learn:

  • How to show your value
  • How to generate interest in your business
  • How to receive long-term benefits from this one event
  • How to sell effectively without being salesy

And so much more! 

Sounds good, right?

At over $1000, it’s an incredible value. It would be easy for you to earn at least twice the cost before the show in January!

But how would you feel if we offered all this to you for only $147?

That's right!

Become one of our partners, and you'll receive:

  • Your very own vendor space (table and chair)


·         A Discovery Session with Heather
·         Access to weekly group calls & Q&A
·         TGIM weekly meetup


Not only that, but you'll become part of our private Facebook community, where you can:

·         Connect with the other partners
·         Share victories and successful strategies
·         Ask questions and receive collective support
·         And get feedback on your products, services, and descriptions

And a weekly invite to start your week off right!!  

We want to ensure your success for the long run.  The Social Beehive and London Health and Spirituality Expo is creating the space and the opportunities for you to grow your business and your relationships for success. 

Spaces are going quickly.  Don't fall victim to "Last Minute London"! 

Spaces will sell out!  Apply below!

Questions?  Contact or 519.619.8100 with any questions.

See you on Monday?  TGIM (9am-11am)