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For those of you who like to cut to the chase... here's the price to be included in this event.
$147 - 6' table, 
$177 - 8' table,
Speaker & 8' table $267,
Speaker only $147. 
Prices do not include hst.

This is what a few of our past partners had to say about their experience at the first London Health and Spirituality Expo!

Sound exciting?  Now read on to see if you're a good fit!!  

Why do you do what you do??  For betterment of the world? Because you've been called?  Guided?  Directed?

Do you trust in the divine?  Like truly trust?  Place your trust (and worries) in something greater than yourself?  Trust in the abundance of the universe? 

Calling All Heart-Centered Mediums, Healers, Practitioners, Authors, Speakers, Therapists, Presenters, Spas, Clinics, Retreats, Products and Services, Healing Modalities and more! 

Do you have a product, service or message to share and want to deliver it to conscious and empowered clients?  Your ideal clients!  Curious, courageous, and committed to their wellness journey.  You'll find them here!

Spiritual Seekers is hosted by The Social Beehive. Over the last three years, we have built a standard for great events --well organized, well advertised and well attended.  We are aligned with and guided by spirit.  For us, it's about more than just the bottom line... it's about the betterment of the world.   

The London Health and Spirituality Expo is just one of the events that we host to connect conscious people and socially conscious business in authentic and meaningful ways.

We're now accepting applications!  

Are you a practitioner or part of an organization who has services and products that make the world a better place? 

It's about so much more than profit! 

Our calling about more than making a profit... it's about improving humanity, making the planet better and raising consciousness. 

It's not about the money.  We're building a community here.  We're creating a different experience here.  We want to help you grow your business by connecting you with your ideal clients.  Clients who are empowered, authentic and seeking honest, heart-centered businesses.  It's not just about the one-time sale.  It's about building relationships and doing things with intention. 

Partners not Vendors.  We are seeking Partners, not Vendors, for our events. For our Partners, it isn't just about the bottom line.  We do what we do and band together because we don't believe in the status quo or doing things for the sake of doing them.  Life is about living with intention, working together - and through our businesses, making the world a better place. 

Which means we have to work together to:

  • Opportunities for face-to-face community gatherings before and after the event
  • Connect you with your ideal client and other members of our community
  • Create repeat business and raving fans
  • Set you up for long-term success

Success is measured in different ways.  We have partners at our events rather than vendors.  Our events are about building community.  So how do we measure success?  Well, it's about more than just the bottom line.  At the end of an event, we reflect upon the following:  Have we given you (our partners) a great experience?  Have you learned something new?  Have we inspired attendees?  Given them a great experience?  Was the vibe loving and hopeful?  Are we all walking a little taller?  Feeling more confident, connected, hopeful, and loved?  That is how we measure our success. 

The Social Beehive is not just facilitating business transactions.

We are here to improve relationships, 

increase health,

inspire joy,

and impact community.

By ensuring you (our Partners) are successful, we are ensuring members of our community can access the most amazing practitioners.... for the long haul!

Want to be included? 

EARLY BIRD pricing in effect!  Apply today!

$147 - 6' table, 
$177 - 8' table,
Speaker & 8' table $267,
Speaker only (no vendor table) $147. 
Speaker applications close Sept. 9th.  Prices do not include hst.


Questions?  Contact or 519.619.8100 with any questions.