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Because, You are 120% Potential! 

Regain Perspective. Discover your Potential.

This time next year, how do you want to feel? What's your 2018 year about?  What will your reflection of 2018 look like?  

I don't know about you, but I want to look back at my 2018 and scream...

"I rocked 2018. I'm proud of my life and my year and wouldn't do anything differently. I'm making decisions with self-love and acceptance in mind. I'm proud of where I am in my journey."

So, where do you start? 

I want to help you live better, be better and feel better in 2018!  But... we need to start somewhere...  how about a simple conversation

Sometimes, we just need a safe space and a big picture, creative, problem solver to listen. This is what I do.  Here's some feedback from a couple of my past participants...

Testimonials from our past participants...

"Thanks very much  for the opportunity to meet with you. (so great!!!) Truthfully, I liked everything!  I tried to think of suggestions for improvement but there is absolutely nothing I can think of.... You were open, warm and engaging; you inspired trust. you are a very genuine person and that is inspirational in itself. The space is very comfortable (maybe a need for softer lighting...???)  I honestly can't think of anything I didn't like...!  Ultimately, it was an excellent experience.

You offered so many great ideas.  I have literally been able to go to my job everyday with a lot more happiness in my heart knowing I have options and that there are some fantastic opportunities out there I have never even thought of. Thanks again for all your time with this, it is a great gift."   KM

"I enjoyed our talk very much. It gave me lots of food for thought. Sometimes we just need to bounce ideas around with someone to get a starting point or a re-starting point when you feel stuck. I think that is what our talk helped me with yesterday."    DS

2018 is the year I share my gifts...
fully and completely. 

The gift of listening, idea generating and creating a warm and welcoming space where you can be you. 

One conversation could change your life. 

So here's the offer...   

Let's have a conversation about you. Tell me about where you are, where you've been and how you want to feel in your life, in your work and when you're gone.

At the end of our conversation,  you'll feel more hopeful, more positive, and more excited about your life!  You'll have awareness of possibilities, different perspectives and uncover things you never thought of.  

For just $177+hst, your appointment will include:

  • A pre-assessment to get you thinking about possibility.
  • Up to 90 potentially life changing conversational minutes with me either via Skype or at Social Beehive Headquarters - whatever works for best for you. 
  • Action steps and connections to helpful resources.

When your payment is received, you will get a link to the calendar to select a day/time for your session. The pre-assessment questions will follow. 

It's my mission to help like-minded members of our community.  Those who are ready to stop blaming others,  to stop living in fear and scarcity, to stop with the excuses.

To use my time here to create an influx of positivity, generosity,  honesty (to ourselves), self worth and love, to leave a legacy of positive change. 

It starts with a conversation.   It's time to...

Live Better - more healthy, more loving, more intentional

Feel Better - about yourself, your life and your legacy

Be Better - people, parents, partners, employees or entrepreneurs

Your Role?  To make a choice.

Are you ready to choose change? To choose more than mere existence? To choose no more living in excuses or scarcity? To choose YOU first?

Are you ready to DISCOVER-ME!

Are you ready for more?  All you have to do is signup. 

After you've paid, you will receive the pre-assessment questions and a link to our calendar to book a convenient time and format for our call.   

ROCK your 2018 with awareness, intention and more self love than you've ever imagined! 

I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Heather Cabral

You Ready?

I'm here to help you.

It's time for you to Regain Perspective and Discover Possibility. 

Lets do it together.