Our Team

The Conscious Youth Program

Welcome to The Conscious Youth Program at The Social Beehive!

We have assembled a team of highly-sensitive, heart-centred professionals who will create the space, the program and the time for these young people to identify, embrace and employ their gifts.

In addition, they will discover tools to navigate this intense, chaotic, unconscious, high-tech world and the space to be authentically who they were created to be.... tomorrow's generation of confident, empowered, and conscious leaders.


Heather Cabral, Founder and Creative Visionary

If I had recognized my gifts as a youth, how would my life be different? What choices would I have made?  Where would I be now?  What grief would have I not have endured?

I am different. I think different. I have high self-awareness, am a strategic thinker, see patterns and can be brutally honest -these traits are not a curse ~ these are "my gifts".

Much of my life, I've lowered my standards, dumbed myself down, numbed out with food or alcohol, ignored my inner voice, did things that didn't align with my values and more... in the name of belonging.

What would it have been like if I had had leadership, support, unconditional love, mentors, teachers, friends, and community who could have helped me understand, accept, and embrace who I was as a youth?

This is my mission.. to assemble the team and create the space for this to happen. Today, more than ever, our youth need leadership and conscious parenting. 

This is how I choose to use my gifts to make the world a better place. <3


Linda Weir

Meet Linda Weir! Linda is one of our warm, welcoming and passionate facilitators for this session of The Conscious Youth Program.

For over 30 years, Linda was an educator and administrator in the secondary school system. For twenty years, Linda taught drama, English, and Special Education. Her next ten plus years had her serving as a secondary school vice-principal.

Retired for just a year and a newly-appointed entrepreneur, Linda devotes her energy into deepening appreciation and awareness of the body, mind, and spirit connection and service for the greater good of all. Welcome Linda! <3

Excited to be part of the CYP, Linda has a passion for teaching, and believes that each individual is creative, resourceful and whole and a perfect expression of nature.

emma richars.jpg

Emma Richard

Weeeee Emma Richard is both supporting and co-facilitating in the Conscious Youth Program!

Emma is a Mechatronic Systems Engineering grad, caterer, hand letterer, highly sensitive, try-er of new things, loving and kind friend.

When Emma is not creating, volunteering, helping, reading, supporting, or self-car(ing) she spends time helping others to love and accept themselves more wholly and to approach and interact with the world from a place of worthiness, mental wellness, daring greatly, and story sharing.

Emma is one of the most courageous people I know! Since graduation, she has followed her inner knowing and opened her mind to new adventures!

A huge asset to CYP, I believe our young people will appreciate Emma's very kind, relatable and understanding approach to the world.


Amy Hiscox

Our resident expert for all things entrepreneurial, academic and employment! WELCOME Amy Hiscox!! <3

Over the past five years Amy has worked with youth to uncover their skills, develop resiliency, and discover their gifts through starting a business, pursuing academics, and finding employment. 

Over and over Amy has witnessed the power of self discovery and how it enables us to see past obstacles. 

We are blessed to welcome Amy Hiscox into The Conscious Youth Program! Her warm, inviting and creative personality are a definite asset to all youth. Welcome Amy!!


Laurie Nevin

Laurie Nevin wants to help youth feel seen, heard and understood.

As an ordained ministerial counselor, Laurie is very skilled at creating the space for Self-realization. Her extensive background in mental health and spiritual counselling (no specific denomination) is largely based on a Course in Miracles, the Way of Mastery and countless supporting resources... as we do at The Social Beehive... the focus is on promoting Oneness and Love.

Laurie considers herself to be a 'reminder' versus someone whom gives answers because you already embody inherent wisdom and an Infinite connection to the Divine (God/Creator/Source; use your own language).

Thank you for sharing your gifts with us Laurie. 




Mary Case

Meet Mary Case. Mary is an Access Consciousness Facilitator, an energetic body worker, elementary school music teacher (at one of London's most renowned choir and orchestra schools), professional violinist, triathlete and much more!

Her passion for teaching, music, sports, and, more recently, working with kids and adults labeled with ADD ADHD OCD and Autism Spectrum Disorder, has taken her in many different directions including world travel, competitions, and tours. As an X-Men Intro Facilitator with Access Consciousness, Mary encourages people to look beyond labels to the gifts and brilliance of being different. We are excited to include this amazing visionary in our program!


Ben Switzer

We're excited to work with passionate people of ALL AGES and STAGES! 

Ben Switzer is a musician, poet, producer, and serial entrepreneur - creating technology to improve mental health and educational engagement in kids, as well as shift corporate culture toward wellness. 

Ben is on a mission to contribute to a second Renaissance, recognizing his role in empowering each of us who play a part in the advancement of humankind. ---- OHHH yes you are Ben! 

Thank you for contributing to The Conscious Youth Program Ben!




A big thanks to those also contributing behind the scenes to the CYP; Arielle Bush and Natalie Hleba.  

If you'd be interested in joining us, please inquire at events@thesocialbeehive.com.