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London's first Virtual Meaningful Marketplace! 

Our online marketplace will make it easier for you to coast into Christmas as you support local, find unique gift ideas and shop anytime or anywhere!

We could have hosted ANOTHER typical Christmas show... but why? 

You're already stretched for time and overwhelmed with too many things to do.  Many of us dread the holiday season for this reason!  Rushing, spending for the sake of spending, no time to find that perfect gift.

Updated for You.png

We're making it easy for you to make it a Christmas with Purpose! Don't get them more stuff that will clutter their mind, collect dust or bring them more work... we don't need more STUFF!

Give them a gift that will make their life BETTER!


But,they already have everything they need.  They don't need anything.  

COMMUNITY IMPACT!  Get them a gift that can make a difference and impact someone in our community!  Reforest London and other amazing community organizations will join us with opportunities for impact!  Think bigger!  What if your family made this kind of gift-giving a new tradition?!