Conscious Parenting Experts

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to connect with the most unique group of presenting experts who have dedicated years to young people, parents and community.


Linda Weir, Expedition Inner Wisdom & Retired Education Administrator

For over 30 years, Linda was an educator and administrator in the secondary school system. For twenty years, Linda taught drama, English, and Special Education. Her next ten plus years had her serving as a secondary school vice-principal.

Retired for just a year and a newly-appointed entrepreneur, Linda devotes her energy into deepening appreciation and awareness of the body, mind, and spirit connection and service for the greater good of all.

Just this past summer, we are grateful for Linda’s passion in the classroom in our newly appointed Conscious Youth Program, hosted by The Social Beehive.

“I believe that each individual is creative, resourceful and whole and a perfect expression of nature.” ~Linda Weir


Sunil Godse, and

Sunil Godse has credited reaching each one of his personal and professional goals to trusting his intuition. Despite this success, ignoring his intuition led to three devastating situations – being in a career for the wrong reasons, losing all of his life savings and unable to stop a friend from being shot and killed, and spent tens of thousands of hours on research and interviewed over a thousand people to find out why.

 What he discovered is that intuition is incredibly complex with a distinct number of signals, unique to each person, that get ignored because they are simply not recognized. He created a set of online courses to not only help others decipher the complex nature of their intuition but also help them recognize their own set of unique intuitive signals that tell them what the right decision is in any situation so that they are able to sharpen their intuition and attain any goal they set in their lives.

Our Previously Featured Forum Experts:

James Coolidge, YFC London

James Coolidge is the husband of Catherine and together they have three daughters Jessica (26, married and living in Australia), Katelyn (24, teaching in Scotland) and Allycia (21, living in Toronto and in final year at Ryerson). 

James is the Executive Director of London Youth for Christ (YFC London) which works with all youth in the city giving specific attention to youth with barriers (at-risk youth) in community.  He has over 25 years of leadership and community service experience working with young people including 9 years as the National Director of Operations for Teen Challenge Canada.

“Teenagers are often viewed as leaders of the future, but I believe if we wait till then, we lose a lot of potential. Teens are today’s leaders in development who need encouragement and guidance to clarify their passions. When provided with the empowerment and right opportunity, they have the creative energy, capacity and determination to be leaders of change in their communities, today.” ~James Coolidge

Carol Peat.jpg

Carol Peat, Braveheart Parenting Help & Babies Naturally

Carol is a Parent Educator, Perinatal Support Practitioner, Certified Compassion Coach, Certified Becoming Us Family Facilitator, A Certified Relationship Coach, A Trauma Coach, an Emotionally Focused Couples Coach, a Mum to three grown adults and a wife to one.

“Raising three amazing humans has been my biggest life lesson. Parenting is not a job- it is a relationship, and one with the highest stakes.”  ~Carol Peat

Understanding developmental trauma and how it affects our nervous systems is something that Carol is eternally amazed by. As a professional student she continues to study neurobiology and applies these learnings in her work within the community.