Business Services:  Support, Tools & The Space for You to Grow Your Business.

Ah... the tres glamorous life of an Entrepreneur!! Manage your own schedule, sleep in, afternoon golfing, and vacations, whenever you want them!  Sound about right?  NOTTTT!! 

FACT!  Operating your own business is challenging and not for the faint of heart.

It takes a lot of drive, passion, vision, dedication and skills to build and sustain a successful business. Unfortunately there are a precious few who innately have the full package. The rest of us muddle our way through these tasks... but what if we didn't have to?

Some of us have an INNER KNOWING that we were meant to do something MORE. After years of denying it, and eventually illness, we take the leap - doing things like leaving a corporate job behind. Friends and family thought you were NUTS!  

You left a job with secure income and for what? The uncertainty of self-employment?  An idea that wasn't completely formed yet?  What happens if this? What happens if that? 

You ignored the nay-sayers and went about your merry way. 

What you realized when you eventually started "the journey" was that going to work did have some perks that you maybe took for granted.

People.  To greet good morning. To share your weekend plans. Your worries and challenges. To have lunch with. As an entrepreneur... it can feel VERY isolating.

Social Time. Happy hours. Work gatherings. Even if it is only occasional. These work colleagues become your tribe of people, often knowing more about your life than your closest friends.

The dollar bills ya'll! Yes, you have disposed of your regular income! This is a huge impact to your life.

This may leave you some days reflecting badly on your decision... shake your head... IT'S ALL WORTH IT RIGHT?!  

Freedom. Making a real difference. Growth.  Of course it's worth it!!

Trust your soul... you're on the right track!  

Welcome to The Social Beehive! 

So, you want to be a member of a supportive community, grow your business, celebrate successes and make a difference.  You should become a Beehive Approved Business Member!

At The Social Beehive, we promote and host social and development events that provide opportunities for people and businesses to get to know one-another. We gather to learn, contribute, and grow, and while we do this, we are building relationships, not only with potential clients or collaborators, but with potential partners as well.

Some of our unique member offerings include: 

  • Business members-only events that encourage collegial collaborations, partnerships and genuine support for one-another.
  • Business Support services that range from business plan creation including assistance with grants, funding, social media campaigns, coaching and mentoring.
  • A range of learning opportunities to develop professional and personal skills
  • Charitable opportunities that make it easy for even the smallest of businesses to give back to their community.

Perhaps the greatest of all our offerings is Purposeful Networking.  Every event we host allows people to get to know one another in non-threatening, authentic, and wholesome ways.  

Whether it's coming together for a learning event, a fun activity, or help a local charity we offer our business members the chance to connect, collaborate, and foster authentic relationships with potential customers.

So what does all this mean for you and your business?

This means that not only will you have opportunities to meet caring, engaged and community-minded people. Through our innovative business model, you will have opportunities to learn, contribute and grow both personally and professionally and all of these things will organically grow your business!  No more cold, dreadful, self-promoting networking events where people throw their business cards at every turn and opportunity. 

Not only will you meet new people, become part of a community and receive support and understanding... YOU WILL GROW YOUR BUSINESS, SAVE TIME & MONEY on marketing and CREATE RELATIONSHIPS with loyal customers in the process! 

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to exclusive Member-Only Events, Opportunities and Discounts
  • Promote your event, product and service through our exclusive Honey Pot Deals
  • Inclusion in our online Member Directory
  • Share and promote your events and expertise in our Community Calendar 
  • Share your expertise as you contribute to our Monthly Newsletter and Community Blog.

AND THE BEST PART!!  As a Business Member, you are Beehive Approved. Membership with The Social Beehive will help you STAND OUT from all the other businesses out there.  

You might be asking yourself, there are other networking organizations out there... how are you different?

We are unique and innovative.  

Our community includes:


We are supporting the shop local movement however are helping develop and promoting and growing the businesses who have a mission to be a business as a force for good. 

Our community not only includes business members,  

Beehive Approved - standard

We are raising the standard for these businesses and are helping to create happier, more fulfilled people, healthier, more connected families and socially-engaged businesses.  It's WIN-WIN-WIN!    

I believe that to meet the challenges of our times, human beings will have to develop a greater sense of universal responsibility. Each of us must learn to work not just for oneself, one’s own family or nation, but for the benefit of all humankind. Universal responsibility is the key to human survival. It is the best foundation for world peace
— Dalai Lama