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You've come home from a "networking" event with a stack of cards from folks you don't remember meeting?

Interacted with those who ask you what you do, listen with glazed eyes, interrupt you mid conversation and unsolicited, give you their business card and walk away? 

Or have you attended events where you can cut the desperation with a knife?

It's time for Purposeful Networking!  

You have enough on your plate!  Your time and money is precious!!  You need to be spending your valuable time and money connecting with the right people who share the same values.  Opportunities to meet new people who have the same values and see the world through the same eyes of abundance, trust and love. 


We want to create a community who are growing their business, friendships and their karmic capital at the same time.

Work Smarter Not Harder!

Through our COMMUNITY, we help you create and connect with:

  • Friendships, not just contacts - built on common values. 
  • A culture where working together, consideration, collaboration and support are the norm.
  • No scarcity thinking. Where I is We.

Through our SPACE, we provide you with:

  • Warm and welcoming space where you are being connected with your tribe. Your peeps.
  • A space to work, co-work or host gatherings for client or social meetings.
  • A community where you feel fueled, empowered, inspired, challenged and excited! Even celebrated!
  • An environment where you can be a part of social impact, creativity and collaboration.
  • An easy way to market your business. Face to face.  

 Through our EVENTS, we provide you with:



  • Build a loyal client base - both online and face to face in our community
  • Be supported by a heart-minded community who believes in you, helps you improve your business and celebrates your successes.
  • Fill your feel-good cup through EASY opportunities to make a difference in our community
  • Collaborate with other businesses. Share resources and knowledge. Make an impact for those less fortunate?

Ultimately, do you want to gain more time and money and make a difference?