It’s been three plus years doing good things with enlightenment and mixed feelings.

More about the journey of The Social Beehive here.

Since Nov. 2015 I have felt like I’m pushing a boulder up a hill. A constant fight. Convincing, struggling, and wishing. I have not been living to my true potential. I have not felt happy and fulfilled. This is a sign that I’m not in alignment with my purpose.

‘Everything I’ve been doing has been for the happiness of others.’

My realization… everything I’ve been doing has been for the happiness of others. I’m an optimist who sees possibility and potential in everyone I meet. I trust easy. I am a Taurus, born in May. I am loyal, generous, patient, persistent and dependable. These characteristics and my connection to the divine.. make it very easy for me to do the things I have been doing.

After the latest community event, I realized how unhappy I was. I’ve taken some time off and have been asking God for clarification. I heard “surrender your worries, your questions, your inquiries.” It’s a message I’ve heard before. Shaking my head in annoyance, I then asked a second question… “well how do I do that?” I heard “find joy and the rest will follow”.

On the search for JOY….

This is the purpose of the 30 Days to Joy project. I don’t know what will bring me joy. I’ve been doing for others for so long, I’m not sure what I need or enjoy anymore. So, this next 30 days will be about the rediscovery of JOY. Doing things for my own enjoyment and documenting the process. It is a shift for sure, a challenge, an adventure, but one I’m looking forward to.

I will try new things, repeat some things that I already know bring joy and invite you, the community to join me for others. Some things will cost money, some will be low to no cost.

My people pleasing traits almost had me saying “I hope you enjoy the journey and I hope you feel inspired”, but that’s not the point!

The project runs from Nov. 24 to Dec. 24th. Follow us here!

Day Three. Spiritual guidance, aha's, and presence.

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Sunday Sabbath. Teachings, like-minded community and service. St. John the Divine Arva, Soup or Soul Sunday with (my teacher) Laurie Nevin of Life Navigator

A sample from the workshop: Forgive Yourself , Workshop Summary

Joy for me includes learning, stretching, love, community, spirituality, God/Creator/Universe, and significant questions about common existence

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Speechless after this amazing movie. The music, the man, the band, the passion, the artist, the vision, the courage. Makes me wanna karaoke #bohemianrhapsody #joy #socialbeehive #queen