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Sunday July 22, 2018..  12-5pm

On The Green, Wortley Village,  London, ON

Bring your water bottle and curiosity!   Meet new people. Try new things. #fun #familyfriendly #freetoattend

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In our third year, we are proud to feature speakers who have a mission or message to share. Our speakers may be newbies as a first time to the stage or seasoned speakers. If there’s anything that you can say about them, it’s that they are passionate, courageous, inspiring, consciously aware and brave!

First, our Emcees are sure to keep you informed and inspired!  We are excited to welcome both Kerry Ann Suteu and Fatimah Abbass to our Inspiration Fest 2018 stage!  

More inspiration?  This year’s speakers are no different. Shonna Elgie are one of our newest “greenest” speakers. An inner calling, and a message to share, Shonna is overcoming her fears of public speaking and doing it anyway!  Bravo Shonna!

This year we have attracted speakers from as far as Pennsylvania!  Elena Aguiar is a book author who is joining us here in London with her book editor Simone Graham to share a message and the miracles of gratitude. Also travelling, Delia Beadle, Jenna Smith are also coming from outside London. Listening to their inner calling and dedicated to sharing their message with –YOU—their ideal audience, we appreciate every km you have travelled to be with us.

New to Inspiration Fest, an Indigenous Drum Circle.  We are excited to host a circle for drumming and storytelling.  Bring your drums, shakers and curiosity.

Also new to Inspiration Fest, we are happy to welcome Sophie Hawkins a newbie to The Social Beehive and Inspiration Fest.  An attendee last year, Sophie was one of the first to sign up this year.  We love it when it’s a HELL-YEAH!  Sophie is going to lead a meditation for the healing of the world… how’s that for Inspiring?!

Be sure to stick around til the end of the day. We are excited to make some announcements about what’s to come after Inspiration Fest 2018!

We hope you enjoy the curated line-up and find many sources of inspiration at this year’s Inspiration Fest!  London’s MOST Interactive festival of the summer!

Thank you for your support!  See you there! 

Heather Cabral
Founder of The Social Beehive™ and Creator of Inspiration Fest!

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Imagine an interactive, innovative, soul-inspiring afternoon on The Green - Wortley Village's majestic 3-acre, outdoor community space where natural conversations, deep connections, exposure to new knowledge, products, services and activities manifest in a relaxed non-judgemental setting.

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